Spirit Perspectives

Perspectives inspired by Rudolf Steiner and others regarding the challenges of our times



Countless individuals around the world – thousands upon thousands – have been confined, masked, distanced, regulated. Souls – people’s lives, are undergoing a vast, unforseen, contraction. There is fear and uncertainty. Contraction is darkness. We do not grow and thrive in darkness and fear.

There is only one way out of this: An expansion and awakening to who we really are. Expansion into light and wakeful creativity and knowing. This is a great turning point for us all. We are called to meet ourselves – and meet each other.

What do we really understand about light? What do we really understand about life and our human existence? What does it really mean to be human in the fullest sense? Where are we to go, – and how are we going to get there?

This web site is devoted to looking towards the works of Rudolf Steiner and others to gather the powerful and practical insights needed to guide and strengthen us in the times ahead.

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